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* Suits stubborn dogs from 7kg
Waterproof (IPX 7)
* Rechargeable - 2 hours fast charge
* Vibration warning
* 8 manual adjustable stimulation levels of output
* 2 year warranty

The extra Dogtra EF3500 dog containment collar suits Dogtra EF3500 invisible dog fence. This collar is designed for most stubborn dogs from 7kg in weight. The collar has vibration warning plus 8 manual adjustable levels of output. It is fully waterproof (IPX 7) and rechargeable with 2 hours rapid charge lithium battery. 

The stimulation output is adjusted from the collar which means you can set different output for each dog to accommodate different personality and temperament.

The stimulation levels range from level 1 to level 8, level 1 being the lowest. In order to select the proper intensity level for each dog, we recommend that you start with level 1 and increase the level slowly until you can see the reaction from the dog (starts looking around).


LED battery indicator
The receiver collar will be on for approximately 1 second to indicate that the power is on. Once the unit is turned on, it flashes every 2 seconds to indicate that the receiver collar is functioning properly. The color of the LED indicates the battery life of the receiver.

When the collar does not receive a signal from the transmitter for 10 seconds or more, the receiver collar will go into sleep mode, and the LED light will stop blinking.
When your dog gets close to the e-fence boundary wire, the indicator light will blink steadily to indicate that the receiver collar is being activated.

(Green = full charge, Amber = medium charge, Red = needs charge)