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100 metres 1.5mm Gauge Invisible Dog Fence wire and 25 training flags. Comes with jointers and installation instruction. 1.5mm gauge wire is recommended for property size over 5 acres (approx 600 metres boundary).

The 1.5mm gauge radio fence wire that we supply is double the standard 0.75mm gauge dog containment system wire offered by competitors. The reasons that we provide you with a higher quality dog fencing wire are:

  • This wire is much more durable with the thicker insulation which will decrease the risk of breakage.
  • This gauge of wire allows for a stronger and more consistent radio signal to be transmitted.

The 1.5mm gauge invisible dog fence wire ensures less resistance to the radio signal. Therefore you will have a better zone than you could expect with the industry-standard, 0.75mm containment system wire. This is particularly important with larger properties. In addition to this, the 1.5mm gauge wire, due to its strength, will effectively reduce the chance of wire breakage and signal interference. This wire also has the UV stabilized insulation skin therefore it is suitable for attaching to most existing fences. 1.5mm gauge wire is recommend for property size over 5 acres (approx 600 metres boundary). It can be used for any invisible radio fence systems.

Area in Acres Perimeter Approx Number of DMT 100 Metres Wire
(thicker gauge)
Total length of wire
1 254 metres 3 300 metres
2 360 metres 4 400 metres
2.5 402 metres 5 500 metres
3 441 metres 5 500 metres
4 509 metres 6 600 metres
5 569 metres 6 600 metres